“Our Revolution” Locals in 25 Communities Favor Former Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

RICHMOND – Gayle McLaughlin, two-term mayor of Richmond, CA, today announced support of more than two dozen affiliates of Our Revolution, the post-presidential organizing arm of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. More Our Revolution chapters have endorsed McLaughlin than any other candidate in the country. She has also won the support of several Green Party county chapters, prominent chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America, including San Francisco and the East Bay, and of Socialist Alternative.

McLaughlin, the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) co-founder whose battles with Chevron are chronicled in Steve Early’s “Refinery Town,” has been called the “Bernie Sanders of the East Bay” for her advocacy of single-payer healthcare, $15 minimum wage, and collective grassroots power. Her corporate-money-free campaign for Lt. Governor of California includes the goal of fostering hundreds of “progressive alliances” throughout the state, modeled after the RPA’s success in taking five of the seven City Council seats in Richmond.

“As mayor and a city councilmember, I was able to accomplish so much because we built our strength from the grassroots up,” said McLaughlin. “We passed the $15 minimum wage locally, reduced crime, won the first new rent control in California in 30 years, and compelled Chevron to pay millions more in taxes. A people’s agenda is truly possible when we come together and organize for our communities.”

McLaughlin has been traveling throughout the state to promote the RPA model and to engage progressive activists with her platform. Her endorsements stretch from Del Norte County to San Diego. See a full list here: https://gayleforcalifornia.org/endorsements/