I am SO proud of our team’s incredible work and thankful for your support today as I announce the new endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ and Nina Turner’s Our Revolution.

I’m honored to join the likes of civil rights leaders Ben Jealous, running for governor of Maryland, and Joe Salazar, running for attorney general of Colorado, and my Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) ally Jovanka Beckles, candidate for Assembly in California’s 15th District, I’m thankful to the 34 local chapters of Our Revolution that advocated for this endorsement!

With the support of Bernie and Our Revolution, we are going to win this race and take the people’s movement to Sacramento. For too long, corporate contributions and lobbyists have set the agenda in the Capitol – it’s time for thousands upon thousands of us across this beautiful state to say “No” to corporate rule and “Yes” to our shared power.

In addition to meeting with Our Revolution chapters, my priority in this campaign has been to share the RPA story throughout the state, encouraging communities to create their own progressive alliances. Several of these corporate-free community alliances have formed since I began touring the state! The RPA model firmly rejects corporate money and influence, and builds political power by organizing communities impacted by pollution, crime, unaffordable housing, and low wages. I am proud to have blazed the trail as Richmond’s first corporate-free mayor, and together with the RPA, we successfully reduced violent crime by 75%, passed a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and passed the first local rent control law in California in 30 years. I am eager to share this success with California, working with local communities and corporate-free candidates at every level.

I would love to have your support today to help us get the word out about this important endorsement – we know that Our Revolution’s support will help us win, and that we must make millions of voter contacts along the way!

Your donation today keeps the political revolution growing in California!

The inclusion of Bernie’s name in the statement above does not mean to imply that Bernie personally endorsed Gayle, but that it is Bernie’s leadership and his message that she is following, and that he is educating voters and shaking up races all throughout the country and allowing people to understand the issues better and to vote in progressives everywhere. That is the help from Bernie that will help Gayle win and take the people’s movement to Sacramento.