We all know that the current GOP tax “plan” is disaster for working and middle class families across the country, and particularly in California. The majority of Americans will see their taxes increase to foot the bill racked up through massive tax cuts for corporations and the 1%. For Californians specifically, it is the elimination of the widely used State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions that is going to cause working and middle class family’s federal taxes to increase. This increase will trigger what perhaps is an even more insidious result of this Tax Scam, it will leave less and less funds for our already underfunded K -12 public schools.

Due to higher federal tax rates, states and cities will be forced to reduce the tax burden on their constituents by cutting taxes like property taxes which make up a large portion of school funding across the country. Using the 8th congressional district in Texas as a model, an analysis by the Governmental Finance Officers Association (GFOA) estimated that the district could see a $306 million dollar increase in federal taxes, resulting in decreased state and local taxes that could hurt over $125 million in public education funding. This report shows that this tax bill is a disaster for all states.

Also in response to the $1.4 trillion dollar deficit this plan will create, there will could be cuts to the federal government’s 8% share of the $634 billion spent on education, in an attempt to “balance the budget” at the expense of our children’s future.

We must join together and oppose this corporate attack on public education at every level. Instead of cutting the education of the future generation, we should be heavily investing in them. In a just and moral society every generation should be given all the opportunities to do better, than its predecessors. We cannot let corporate greed get in the way of fulfilling that promise. So today I ask you to join me in a fight for our youth’s education and future;

  1. Call your Congressman or woman and your Senators and demand they vote no on this disastrous tax bill, whose only purpose is to be the largest transfer of wealth from working and middle class families to the 1% and corporate donors. You can utilize this resource developed by Indivisible to fight against this Tax Scam.
  2. Support corporate-free candidates. Make no mistake that this tax bill was bought and paid for by the 1% and the GOP’s corporate sponsors. Only those who are powered by the people, can champion the people.

During this campaign I have traveled up and down the state winning the endorsements of many groups and championing corporate-free progressive organizing. If elected I will continue to do the same thing, building the people power necessary to fight for public education, healthcare and living wages and win at the state level, making California a model for the rest of the country to follow. It is your financial support that has allowed me to make these trips and build the movement we are starting for this Lt. Governor’s race.

We are gaining momentum and every single donation of $27 dollars fuels our fight. When we stand in solidarity and support corporate-free candidates we can have a future where we use tax reform as means of investment in lifting up our communities, not sucking the wealth out of them to line the pockets of those who already have it all. Donate today to support that future, a future that works for all.

Progress will win in the end, it is just going to take all of us standing together demanding it. Thank you for your support, and keep fighting!