Thank you for your amazing support for my campaign! The support that has continued to flood in from across the country tells me that we are ripe for change! Doug Jones won in Alabama and now Paul Ryan wants to resign – wow.

I’m running against the top House Democrat because we desperately need to reform the Democratic Party. I’m committed to fighting for progressive change from within the party, but whether it’s independent Bernie Sanders or the movement for a People’s Party, I also support and respect those working for change in their own way.

Ultimately, we need a massive people’s movement that is corporate-free and focused on the needs of the 99%. We need a living wage, affordable housing, and protections for local businesses instead of multinational corporations. There is so much work to do!

That’s why today I am asking you to support my fellow progressive Gayle McLaughlin. Gayle is the former two-term mayor of Richmond, CA, where she co-founded the Richmond Progressive Alliance and has won victory after victory for her community. Gayle and her community won against Chevron, which spent millions to hold onto control of the Richmond City Council. Instead, Gayle and the RPA took five of seven seats as grassroots, corporate-free candidates. Even Bernie Sanders took notice, visiting Gayle and RPA in 2014 to support their work.

Today, Gayle is running for Lt. Governor and has won the endorsement of 28 Our Revolution chapters – more than any other candidate in the country.

I often find myself sharing a stage with Gayle and her candidacy as part of the “Progressive Surge” that is sweeping across California. In fact, her campaign is working to bring the RPA model to hundreds of communities throughout the state – and a new San Francisco Progressive Alliance has just launched. [Name/Friend], we truly are building a progressive revolution in California.

Will you join me in supporting Gayle’s organizing campaign? As a corporate-free candidate, every small donation helps.

Your donation of $7 or more will help Gayle McLaughlin continue to organize communities across the state for Progressive change.

Would you like to learn more about the RPA model? Watch this video with Gayle and other RPA members:

Thank you,

Stephen Jaffe