To frack, the oil companies use 80 billion gallons a year of our scarce California water and they pump their waste, containing many cancer-causing chemicals, into protected aquifers supplying drinking water. Ten counties and our ocean are already suffering the consequences. We must ban fracking across the state.

Not only does fracking destroy and pollute our water sources, it is a massive contributor to climate change. Methane, one of the main resources extracted through fracking, traps more than 100 times the heat of CO2 in our atmosphere, proving that is not a sustainable alternative.

Just last year in California there was the Aliso Canyon leak that spewed 100,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere before being plugged, making it the largest leak in U.S. history. We can no longer bear these dangers which is why I am championing a statewide ban on fracking, and I ask you to join me.

The science is clear on climate change and as James Hansen said at COP23 this week; “We are entering a period of consequences and are in danger of being too late”. We no longer have time to wait, the time for action is now.

This is the urgency that fueled the Protect Monterey County movement, that last November celebrated the victory of its  ballot initiative Measure Z succeeding at the polls. Measure Z bans fracking, wastewater injection and phases out new drilling in Central California’s Monterey County, one of California’s major oil-producing counties. Big Oil bullies like Chevron out-spent the movement  30 to 1, dumping over $5.5 million into the fight, and yet Protect Monterey County came out ahead.

The grassroots organizers of the Project Monterey County movement do much better than corporate-controlled politicians like Jerry Brown. Under the influence of corporations like Chevron, which contribute millions to Brown’s campaigns, the California governor has refused to cancel granting new permits for exploration, drilling and fracking. That’s why he was booed in Germany with the chant ”Keep it in the ground”.

This shows yet again that when the people get organized and fight, we win. I am no stranger to Chevron and its pals, having beat them once in Richmond, I am ready for round two as we fight to ban fracking across our state. But just as Protect Monterey County needed people power, I need you to be in this fight with me as well.

As Lt. Governor I will make it a priority to denounce fracking and to rally not only the progressives of California but all sane citizens and residents to achieve the end of fracking in our state.

Unlike most politicians, we are running a corporate-free campaign, choosing to be powered by the people. Every $27 donation my campaign gets, brings us one step closer to a statewide ban on fracking and to our goal of raising $25,000 by the end of December!

Click here to make a contribution of any size to my campaign that takes ZERO corporate cash!

The future of California and the world must be carbon and methane free, we have the alternatives, we just need to make the transition. It’s a big fight, but it is fight we can and will win. Thank you for being in the trenches of it with me!