On December 14th, the FCC will vote on the future of Net Neutrality. Which guarantees us access to all the wonders of the internet without the worry of Telecom giants like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon charging us premiums to access content, and blocking or slowing down connection to different platforms. It is solely because of this principle of equal access that we have seen the internet, which has been publicly funded from its inception, grow into our species greatest invention.

But this progress has not been profitable enough for the Telecom giants, who have been using their corporate profits to lobby DC and buy off our members of Congress, to finally gut Net Neutrality under the guise of “innovation” which conceals the fact that they want to make you pay for everything, as this graphic from Rep. Ro Khana shows very clearly.

This is the natural conclusion of Capitalism having the playground known as the American Campaign Finance system to play in. The monopoly-like leaders of industry use their wealth to buy influence to deregulate, which returns them higher profits that they re-invest into more lobbying and legal bribery, all at the expense of competition, consumer choice and our democracy.

Make no mistake that if the FCC votes to put Chairman Pai’s plans into action, which will kill Net Neutrality and block state governments from regulating Telecoms, it will be the result of hundreds of millions in corporate cash that have flooded DC.

As this story plays out it becomes clear very quickly that we ALL must fight and use our people power to defeat Verizon, AT&T and Comcast and keep our internet free, and there have been many who are leading the charge. I highly encourage you all to get active with Fight for the Future’s campaign to protect our internet through joining these two actions!

  1. Write and call your representatives: https://www.battleforthenet.com/
  2. Protest your local Verizon store: http://verizonprotests.com/

Along with this I need you to support corporate-free candidates, so we can break the massive influence that the Telecom industry and corporate America has over our democracy. Your $27 donation powers my campaign, and I promise not only will I do everything I can to help defeat this vote, but I will use every power I would have as Lt. Governor to protect our internet, small businesses and future innovations from AT&T, Comcast and Verizon’s greed.

Click here to make a contribution of any size to my campaign that takes ZERO corporate cash!

I am no stranger to taking on billion dollar corporations, and neither is our movement. When we stand together in solidarity and fight, we win. This is a battle we cannot afford to not show up to. Join me today and let’s make December 14th another victory for the people!