As we prepare to greet 2018, I can’t stop thinking about how much we can accomplish in the next year. We are on the cusp of radical change that will transform California politics.

The nature of change is that it’s hard to see it happening – and then, suddenly, everything is very different. My campaign is about a vision for sweeping change that puts the well being of people and community at the heart of our state politics. People First!

We’ll change from corporate-funded politics to a culture where corporate donations are a black mark.

We’ll change from a Statehouse that rewards dead-end wealth accumulation to one that rewards green energy and innovations.

We’ll change from a reign of greed to a culture that rewards collaboration and enterprises that benefit our people and our environment.

Many organizations and candidates are working together for this change, here in California and throughout our nation. In my Lt. Governor campaign, we see more than 130 people gathering signatures across the state. We’ve won more Our Revolution chapter endorsements than any campaign in the country, and we’re just getting started.

Your financial support is also extremely helpful to reaching voters across the state – click here to support the campaign at any level. Thank you!

My campaign is an organizing campaign. Our goal is to support progressives organizing in hundreds of communities and neighborhoods here in California. Candidates cannot do it alone. Organizations cannot do it alone. We need a broad alliance of progressives who say “No!” to corporate campaign donations and corporate greed.

In coming weeks and months, we will continue to roll out tools to get involved in the campaign. I welcome your ideas and feedback, and thank you for engaging in this fight for change!