We are up against a Republican Party in the District of Corporations (D.C.), whose Tax “Plan” will eliminate the ACA’s individual mandate, effectively throwing 13 million Americans off of their coverage in the next decade. And not only do we have to fight to prevent that disaster, we then have to force the Democrats (in D.C. and California) to kiss their health insurance donations goodbye and finally make healthcare a right for all. Yet many Democrats still cannot part ways from that sweet corporate cash.

While there are differences between the two major parties that can be noted, on the matter of economics there is really just one major party, and their base is their corporate donors. Democrats will fight to save the Individual Mandate, which saves lives, but also saves corporate profits, perpetuating the wealth inequality that keeps wealth overwhelmingly concentrated at the top of society. The Republican party only exists to serve the business and donor class, so no progress can be expected from there.

This predicament is why I am running a corporate-free campaign, because the corporations already have their representatives, its time the 99% be represented. I will not settle for just protecting what little healthcare we have now, I will fight to see SB 562 passed, guaranteeing every single Californian healthcare like the right it is! Making our state yet again another model for the rest of the country, and making the days of Medicare for All come closer.

But I can’t do this alone. Running a corporate-free campaign for the people, takes the support of the people. While we can be and have been much more effective and strategic with our spending then corporate campaigns, it still takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach hundreds of thousands of voters.

I am asking that you dig deep and join us. We know our message for progress works, and with your donation today we can get it out there!

2018 is going to be an exciting year for progress, and I am grateful to be in the trenches fighting with you to make it happen!