Single Payer Breakout Room – 2021 Annual Convention

California Progressive Alliance Zoom Convention
March 6th 12:30- 2:00 PM

Single Payer Break out room:

The Title:  “Single Payer: Everybody In, Nobody Out!” 
Host:  Health Care for All – Los Angeles Chapter.
Three Presenters: 20 minutes each. Followed by 20 minute Q&A.  Slides are welcome to screen share during each segment.  

Panelists in this order:

1. Paul Song MD “Public Option is Not an Option”
Physicians for a National Health Program-CA President,  Radiation Oncologist, BioTech Innovation COO 
2. Jeanna Harris BSN  “Why Medicare Expansion is Not the Solution”  Regional Care Coordinator.  Health Care for All – Los Angeles Leadership Team.
3.  David Belk MD  “Collusion,Greed and Propaganda in Billing Scams” Internist, Researcher, Author The Great American Health Care Scam” and Blog Host

The expansive description of our session

Single Payer is The Reform necessary to guarantee health care justice for all. Alternative mini fixes to the current dysfunctional system are not a solution but rather perpetuate the inequities and inadequacies causing so much unnecessary suffering and harm. Comprehensive, universal and equitable system reform must remove the for-profit industries, control prices, abolish the tiered access caste system, and remove barriers to care for everyone. Health care dollars must go to the delivery of health care, not corporate wealth care.Our session will expose the inability of alternative plans to provide guaranteed, quality, comprehensive healthcare for all. Building on a broken foundation will not get the financially stable and ethically just system that we all need. We want to debunk the alternative “reforms” which continue to allow private shareholder profit, industry control of prices, and inadequate access to needed treatments, services, medicines and health equipment. Corporate control of the delivery of care must be removed. Health care decisions must be returned to a collaboration between health care professionals and their patients.  To this end, specifically in this panel, we seek to negate the value of alternatives of public option, expanding medicare and medicaid, and the continuation of corporate industries controlling costs and prices in our health care delivery system.

BIOS & Photos

Paul Song MD

Hailing from University of Chicago Medical School, we welcome our long time Single Payer Health Care champion Dr. Paul Song. A practicing radiation oncologist, Dr. Song is currently treating Medicaid and uninsured patients in the Los Angeles area.  He is the President of Physicians for a National Health Program – California and sits on the National Board. Dr. Song served as the co-chair of the SB562 Campaign for a Healthy California from 2017-2018 and was the very first visiting fellow on health care policy in the California Department of Insurance in 2013.  Dr. Song is the chief operating officer and  chief medical officer of two international medical technology firms involving research and clinical programs.  As a very popular speaker and health care justice advocate, we are so fortunate in welcoming Dr. Song to explain to us why Public Option is not an option for just, efficient and moral reform. 

Jeanna Harris BSN

Nurse, healthcare reform advocate and and social justice activist, Jeanna Harris received her BSN from Western Governors University Indiana and has worked in multiple clinical settings including med/surg, cardiac rehab, and acute dialysis/transplant units. Currently Ms. Harris is an administrator serving as a regional  of Inpatient Care Management, facilitating the coordination of patient services across the continuum of health care needs. This has given her an administrative over view of our dysfunctional healthcare delivery system and in particular the deficits and inadequacies of Medicare and Medi-Cal. Jeanna has participated in numerous speakers panels, vigils, and rallies because she firmly believes that the key to change is to “…educate the public to become knowledgeable, and to advocate for a true universal reform with a single payer system.  Welcome Jeanna to share that knowledge with us now.

David Belk MD

Dr. David Belk received his Medical Degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine, is board certified in Internal Medicine and maintains a solo practice in Northern California. Dr.Belk’s  devotion to his patients has led him to question why patients were being asked to pay so much more than the actual  cost of care  Over the last ten years, he has devoted most of his free time to untangling and demystifying health care costs in this country. The results of much of his research can be found on his website The True cost of Healthcare and also in his highly acclaimed book the “The GREAT American Health Care Scam”.  Which is an eye opener!  Dr David Belk is a coveted speaker on this topic all across the country.  We are very fortunate to hear from Dr. Belk to tell us all about this important information which is essential to understanding why the corporate profiteers must be removed from our system and why prices must be regulated. 

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