Walk into a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital, anywhere in the U.S., get treated, walk out. Pay your taxes, all good.

Imagine that.

Instead we have a patchwork of care that makes health care uncertain while traveling or in an emergency (“Go to the nearest plan hospital”). And it’s bloated by reams of insurance paperwork and uncertainty for providers as well.

There are really only two sides to the healthcare debate. Either you believe a government must provide healthcare as a right for all its citizens, or you believe private industry is allowed to profit from human suffering. We are on the side that believes it is a right, and we are entrenched in one of the most important fights in our history to guarantee it.

That is why it is critical for real progressive candidates to be powered by the people, not corporate America. Like every fight, it is only possible to win when we build locally and support corporate-free candidates to champion policies like SB 562. Today I ask you to make two important steps towards progress. Get active, mobilizing and organizing your community to demand Universal Single-Payer Healthcare. Second, support my campaign for Single-Payer with your time, filling out our Volunteer Form and building support across our state.

Together we can make Healthcare a right for ALL Californians through fighting and passing SB 562. Our victory will fuel Bernie Sander’s fight for Medicare-for-All nationally. Your action today gets us one step closer to American healthcare being as easy as:  pay your taxes, walk into a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital, get treated and walk out.

In Solidarity,

– Gayle