We know this already: The United States is ruled by corporations and the super-rich in the 1% who use their money to elect corporate-controlled politicians to the executive and the legislative branches of government.​

​We also know that the tax system has been rigged in favor of the wealthy, and against people whose income comes from wages. Wealth has been taxed at a lower rate than labor.

We also know that for many decades now, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, the ultimate consequence of the U.S. economy has been the transfer of wealth to the rich from the poor and middle class.

We are now witnessing the largest single transfer of wealth to rich from the poor and middle class. The Republican Tax Scam is the continuation and the deepening of the corporate war on working families to take all that we possess and reduce our existence to a bare minimum. The war on poverty is over; now we have the war on the poor and working families.

The pro-corporate GOP Tax Scam offensive deepens the transfer of wealth from working families to the rich experienced during every administration during the last 50 years. The Tax Scam will hurt most Americans, and especially Californians.

This is a $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut for the 1%. Californians would face the largest net tax increase, at $12.1 billion in 2027 alone. The plan targets an array of tax credits and exempt bonds that are utilized to build low cost-housing. The plan will eliminate deductions for local and state taxes. Working families will pay more, large corporations will pay a lot less.

Bernie Sanders said it well: “The overwhelming majority of the American people do not want to see tax breaks for billionaires and raising taxes for the middle class, and laying the ground for cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare”

My entire political career has been corporate-free, because I am not elected to represent the 1% and corporations, I am elected by the 99%, and represent only them. And in Richmond that is exactly what we did when we passed a living wage of $15 an hour and the first rent control law in California for 30 years. We challenged Chevron to reduce pollution and to pay $114 million in additional local taxes to our city… and we won!

So I ask you today to support my corporate-free campaign so that I can take the fight for the 99% statewide. There are plenty of corporate candidates in my race, and we are seeing the results of their politics. Another future for California and our country is possible, and your donation of $7.27, $27 or even $99 dollars gets us one step closer to it.

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