With less than six weeks to go before the June 5 primary, we’re seeing a surge of endorsements for my candidacy for California Lt. Governor – proving that a growing number of people and organizations have confidence, like I do, that we can win!

My campaign is now endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution national and over 30 state chapters – more than any candidate has received nationwide. We’ve earned the support of the California Green Party and 12 of its state chapters, the Democratic Socialists of America and 10 California chapters, and the California Peace & Freedom Party.

More than a dozen unions and organizations have endorsed my candidacy, including the National Union of Healthcare Workers; United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America; Public Bank L.A.; Movement for a People’s Party; Women for Justice, and numerous progressive alliances stretching from San Diego to Del Norte. Individual endorsements include consumer advocate Ralph Nader, former San Francisco supervisors Matt Gonzalez and John Avalos, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, comedian Jimmy Dore, and many more.   

To put it plain and simple: We have The People’s backing for my campaign, which is why I know that we can win in June. On issue after issue, I support the interests of working Californians everywhere – from statewide single-payer healthcare to a $15 minimum wage, the creation of a California state bank, free college tuition, more affordable housing, greater mass transit, a statewide ban on fracking, and a Millionaire’s Tax to raise funds for public projects.

And unlike any of the other candidates for Lt. Governor, my campaign is 100% corporate-free meaning that I don’t take a single cent from corporations or Super PACs. Instead, I rely on small dollar donations from a passionate, principled and growing grassroots base. As we sprint toward the finish line less than six weeks away, now is the time for people to get fired up – and get engaged. Thank you for your support.