From the get-go, we’ve said that one of the the goals of this organizing campaign for Lt. Governor is to stimulate the formation of progressive alliances throughout the state – now, and when I am elected. We know that when passionate progressives come together to steer their communities, amazing things can happen.

It’s also not enough to organize at a city level. Here in California we know that we must repeal Costa-Hawkins in order to expand local-level rent control. We must tax millionaires and corporations to rebuild our public schools. And we must tax fossil fuel extractors to fund a swift shift to 100% renewables.

We’re fighting every day, for our state and for each of our communities, which is why I was overjoyed to learn that Transformative Cities and the Transnational Institute have recognized the work of the Richmond Progressive Alliance in their new “Atlas of Utopias” report. Richmond is among just three U.S. cities to earn this recognition – and the only one in California!

A “utopia” refers to a place of ideal perfection, especially in laws, government, and social conditions. Richmond is not there yet, but we are moving fast towards it. I am happy to be acknowledged for our collective ongoing work, and I invite you to build locally progressive corporate-free tools of transformation.  

Please click the image below to read the report on Richmond:

“What is inspiring about this project is the articulation of different parts of the community, against a common enemy: Chevron; innovative policies [like] “community policing”; the “authentic relationship” between voters and the elected government; and the public/legal strategies used to force renegotiation of housing loans,” said Atlas of Utopias evaluator Erick Palomares.

As co-founder of the RPA and two-term mayor of Richmond during this transformation, my message to you is: We can repeat this success statewide. California is one of the world’s largest economies, but a staggering amount of that wealth goes right to the top. Working together, we will transform this state and every one of our communities.

I hope that you will read about all 32 of the amazing communities awarded by the Atlas of Utopias project. And let’s take this inspiration with us to the Capitol!

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