Education is a key element of a democracy and prepares our youth for success in an increasingly complex world. Yet in California, and across the country, higher education is still inaccessible to many or is completed with a mountain of debt. I am tired of seeing us deny so many the opportunity to grow themselves and change their communities. This is why my campaign and many others are fighting for Universal Tuition-Free College – and we are seeing progress!

Just this fall, San Francisco began its Free City College program after a vote last November. Their success led to Bernie Sanders hosting a rally at City College of San Francisco in September where he praised the city’s action as “a model for the United States of America.” (Click to read more about this amazing success).

My campaign was canvassing this event and the energy from this success story reassured us that when we fight, we win. The actions of San Francisco and our work in Richmond shows that when normal people get organized and build inclusive, progressive organizations we can make real change in our communities. A critical element of this is growing and supporting corporate-free candidates, who will fight for the people because that is who we are powered by. For many politicians that sounds like a revolutionary idea in a democracy, but I have seen that it is the ONLY way we can achieve the changes we desperately want.

My corporate-free campaign will take the fight for Universal Tuition-Free College to Sacramento. We know it’s popular, it works and is necessary. Stand with me today to make it possible for ALL Californians!