Single-payer Medicare-for-All foes are taking no chances on the Lt. Governor race in California, and they’ve found a wealthy candidate to be their vehicle for opposing health care reform.

On Thursday, wealthy Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos donated $2,020,000 to a super PAC for his daughter, Eleni Kounalakis, who is running for Lt. Governor. The super PAC is sponsored by the California Medical Association, which opposed the California universal health care bill, SB 562, saying it “would dismantle the healthcare marketplace and destabilize California’s economy.”

We know that what’s destabilizing California’s economy is unequal access to care and medical bankruptcies!

This level of outside spending is rare for a Lt. Governor race, and we have to combat it. Eleven candidates are running for Lt. Governor – and only one, Gayle McLaughlin, has the proven record of people-first leadership to do the job.

Please join Gayle with a donation of $27 or more TODAY to help her stand up for single-payer health care and the people’s agenda.