Standing Committees

Standing Committees exist within the CPA in order to address and fulfill functional activities of the organization (as opposed to Action Teams, which address issue-based programs and initiatives). Any member is eligible to be part of a Standing Committee — please reach out at [email protected] if you would like to join one of the committees! Below is a list and description of current Standing Committees:

Membership Committeeplan gatherings, maintain public records/database
Contact: Gayle McLaughlin —[email protected]

Finance Committeedevelop yearly budget, review expenditures, fundraising
Contact: Paul Kilkenny —[email protected]

Nominations Committeeoversee internal election of Steering Committee
Contact: Socrates Cruz — [email protected]

Communications CommitteeCPA emails, newsletter, website & social media
Contact: Whitney Leigh —[email protected]

  • Rapid Response Initiative – a program within the Communications Committee devoted to alerting CPA members and allies of urgent actions