Action Teams

Action Teams are the basic units of research and action around specific topics and issues within the CPA (as opposed to Standing Committees, which address functional activities of the organization). Action Teams are responsible for initiating both strategy and policy discussions with the CPA (note: strategy or policy that require a decision or endorsement by the whole CPA or effect the CPA significantly will be submitted to the Steering Committee first).

Furthermore, Action Teams may work closely with corporate-free elected officials in researching, mobilizing, and implementing policy relevant to the Action Team’s goals and the CPA’s Mission Statement and Core Values.

If you would like to join a current Action Team or form your own please reach out at [email protected] — below is a list and description of all current Action Teams:

Legislative Action Teamwork on emerging legislation, lobbying legislators, and writing new legislation
Contact: Lauren Steiner — [email protected]

Endorsement Recommendation Action Teamidentify and vet potential candidates & legislation for official endorsement by the CPA
Contact: Octavia Tuohey — [email protected]

Electoral Action Team educate voters on CPA-endorsed candidates and ballot measures through a CPA voter guide and other communication tools; share information about processes, including cross-over ballots for No Party Preference voters, and deadlines related to upcoming elections.

CA Green New Deal Action Teamwork towards creating and passing a California Green New Deal
Contact: John Kenny — [email protected]

Outreach Action Teamwork on recruiting new members & develop new local Progressive Alliances.
Contact: Neil Penn — [email protected]

Single Payer Action Teamseeks to address the need for each resident of California to have full health care coverage through an “Improved Medicare for All” system.
Contact: Leland Jung — [email protected]

International Solidarity Action Teamseeks to promote peace, an end to U.S. imperialism and the military-industrial complex; and build international solidarity between California progressives and progressive leaders and movements from around the world.
Contact: Leland Jung — [email protected]