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The Single Payer Action Team of the CPA seeks to address the need for each resident of California to have full health care coverage through an “Improved Medicare for All” system.

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Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition

Atrocious Healthcare System Prompts March to Anna Eshoo’s Palo Alto Office in Support of Medicare for All

WHEN: Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.
WHERE: Gather at Lytton Plaza (corner of University Avenue and Emerson Street, Palo Alto). March to Anna Eshoo’s Office at 698 Emerson Street for 12:45 p.m. rally.

There are upwards of 30 million people with no health care coverage in the U.S. and upwards of 45 million whose insurance policy costs and conditions make them too expensive to use.  Americans pay more for prescription drugs and medical procedures than any other people in the world.
The U.S. healthcare system costs about twice as much per person as compared to other wealthy countries but US health outcomes are worse on average. 

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 (HR 1384), introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in February is the most humane, comprehensive and cost effective plan for providing health care coverage to the American people ever introduced in the U.S. Congress. 
Medicare for All would cover all medically necessary procedures and products, leave no one out, eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and, in the coming decade, cost trillions less than what we currently pay as a society for health care services. 

Recent national polling shows that 70% of Americans and 85% of Democrats support adopting a Medicare for All system.

HR 1384 has already won the co-sponsorship of 118 Democratic congresspersons. Among the Bay Area’s 10 congressional representatives, 8 have signed on to this historic legislation–only Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA-18) have not.
Activists in California Congressional District 18 are marching in Palo Alto to tell Rep. Eshoo to co-sponsor HR 1384 and to urgently convene the promised hearings on this bill in the Health Sub-Committee of which she is the Chair.

The rally at Representative Eshoo’s office will feature a performance by the indefatigable Raging Grannies ( and the delivery to Eshoo of a petition with more than a 1,000 signatures of local residents asking her to support HR 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

This is one of hundreds of volunteer-led events happening across the U.S. as activists come together to win Medicare for All.  A map pf events is at:

Information, key questions and answers on HR 1384 are at: The current status of HR 1384 is at hr1384.   

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Salem Ajluni
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Maria Estrada Talks about Environmental Issues in AD 63

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At the CPA Single Payer Action Team’s Aug. 7th meeting, Maria Estrada, an activist, running for the Assembly against Anthony Rendon in Assembly District 63 talked about healthcare issues involving lead and chromium 6 contamination. Rendon unilaterally killed sb 562, California’s Medicare for All bill in 2017. He and other officials ignored these environmental issues for years and have instead bullied the whistleblowers and activists. The community needed to rise up to get the U.S Attorney General to shut down the Exide battery plant. However, the current lead cleanup program is underfunded and inadequate. She also discussed issues with election integrity, police brutality, and rent control. 

A University of Southern California study, published May 6 in Environmental Science & Technology, tested babies’ teeth near the Exide plant in district 63 and they all tested positive for lead which causes brain damage and behavioral problems.    Another study in the district tested 10,000 homes and 97% had lead. Chromium 6 is also prevalent in the district. It is a cancer-causing chemical best known for its role in the Erin Brockovich story. 

For the future, Maria added – In regards to the environmental issues, I would be asking organizations like the AQMD and DTSC to provide not only testing results for numerous toxins we are being exposed to, but what actions have they taken to actually reduce that would lead to the elimination of the community being exposed to these harmful carcinogens, but what have they done to hold the refineries, factories, and manufacturers financially and legally responsible for the contamination.

The environmental problems are a health issue above all else and the state of California, through its environmental agencies, has failed to protect the people of SELA and throughout the Alameda Corridor and the community deserves answers and action.

Donations will be important if you support her campaign.  Here is her donation link –

Here’s more information about her –

Maria Estrada is a local community activist who made her first run for office in 2018 when she decided to run for assembly against the Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, of the state of California, who is arguably the most powerful man in the state. In the primary, when voting was down 12% statewide, the 63rd district had an increase of voters of 42%. In the general election in November 2018 voting more than doubled from 2014 with Maria Estrada receiving over 41,600 votes, which is more than both candidates Speaker Rendon and his opponent received in 2014. 

 Maria is fighting for justice for her community and to give the people of the 63rd a voice in Sacramento. She is a fearless fighter for the people and continues to expose the corruption at the local, county and state level. 

 This is by far the most consequential and winnable race in California and we hope that you join the real Revolution and donate to defeat the man who killed single-payer healthcare in California.


On Saturday, 7/20 a consortium of groups held a Medicare for All rally at Harvey Milk Park in downtown Long Beach, CA. Represented was DSA, Our Revolution, and Progressive Democrats of America. DSA had a healthcare table set up and was collecting signatures for the Long Beach city council to endorse M4A. Our Revolution had a Bernie table and was registering voters, and a local activist, Elliot Gonzalez, who is running for an open city council seat, had a table that emphasized the New Green Deal. We came together to hear Dr. Bill Honigman (from PDA), Felicia Sandoval, a teacher who has been an ardent M4A worker for many years, and Stefan Borst-Censullo, a local lawyer and human rights activist, and DSA member, speak on Medicare for All. The speakers were incredible in their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the cause. A huge thank you to Dr. Bill, Felicia, and Stefan! 

“This isn’t the kind of fight you win, it’s the kind of fight you fight.” – Cory Doctorow “radicalized” 2019


The Fight for Improved Medicare for All Begins in Your Community!