Single Payer Action Team

The Single Payer Action Team of the CPA seeks to address the need for each resident of California to have full health care coverage through an “Improved Medicare for All” system.

Contact: Leland Jung — [email protected]U


On Saturday, 7/20 a consortium of groups held a Medicare for All rally at Harvey Milk Park in downtown Long Beach, CA. Represented was DSA, Our Revolution, and Progressive Democrats of America. DSA had a healthcare table set up and was collecting signatures for the Long Beach city council to endorse M4A. Our Revolution had a Bernie table and was registering voters, and a local activist, Elliot Gonzalez, who is running for an open city council seat, had a table that emphasized the New Green Deal. We came together to hear Dr. Bill Honigman (from PDA), Felicia Sandoval, a teacher who has been an ardent M4A worker for many years, and Stefan Borst-Censullo, a local lawyer and human rights activist, and DSA member, speak on Medicare for All. The speakers were incredible in their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the cause. A huge thank you to Dr. Bill, Felicia, and Stefan! 

“This isn’t the kind of fight you win, it’s the kind of fight you fight.” – Cory Doctorow “radicalized” 2019


The Fight for Improved Medicare for All Begins in Your Community!