Get Involved!

There are numerous ways you can get involved in the California Progressive Alliance. While membership is limited to individuals, groups are invited to be part of the CPA as Allies.

Furthermore, individuals are encouraged to join existing Action Teams and Standing Committees, or even create their new Action Teams by submitting a Proposal to the Steering Committee for approval.

Below is a list of existing Standing Committees and Action Teams. Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in joining a particular Standing Committee or Action Team listed below. We will be contacting groups shortly and posting the name and email of the Lead contact for each group. Note: If you already signed up for any of the groups below at the Founding Convention we have you in our database.

Standing Committees

  • Membershipplan gatherings, maintain public records/database
  • Financedevelop yearly budget, review expenditures, fundraising
  • CommunicationsCPA emails, newsletter, website & social media
  • Nominations – oversee internal election of Steering Committee

Action Teams

  • Legislative Action Team – work on emerging legislation, lobbying legislators, and writing new legislation
  • Electoral Action Team – train & recruit potential public office candidates
  • Endorsement Recommendation Action Team – identify and vet potential candidates & legislation for official endorsement by the CPA
  • CA Green New Deal Action Team – work towards creating and passing a California Green New Deal
  • Outreach Action Team – work on recruiting new members & develop new local Progressive Alliances.
  • Amber Alert Initiative – a program of the Outreach Action Team to alert CPA members and allies of urgent actions