The California Progressive Alliance – Founding Convention Coming March 30-31!


Across California, local progressives are joining together to take back power. Together we are organizing corporate-free alliances that serve the people’s interest. 

What do we believe?

The California Progressive Alliance is an emerging corporate-free network of true progressives carrying on the values and the organizing work of California’s 2018 primary election. We welcome your ideas, input, and participation as we invite more and more Californians into this big progressive tent.


Gayle McLaughlin’s personal endorsements of candidates for offices from school board to Congress include candidates from different parties, many backgrounds, and one unifying theme: to stand against the pernicious influence of corporate greed in our elections. We must be true to our convictions by running truly corporate-free campaigns!

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Working shoulder to shoulder, we will support the people’s struggles, to organize progressive coalitions, promote new policies, and mobilize all Californians of good will, regardless of party affiliation, who are willing to transform our state.

‘Lite Guv’ No More: California Candidates Spending Millions For A Job That Gets No Respect

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‘It’s Getting Unbearable’: UC Workers Protest Increasing Cost of Living, Call for Rent Freeze

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Gayle McLaughlin For Lt. Governor: The Only Progressive Choice

By Steve Ducey / There are 11 candidates for California Lt. Governor on the ballot for the June 5th primary. Gayle McLaughlin is not only the clear choice for progressive voters, she’s the only candidate with the track record of success that makes her worthy of the office. Lt. Governor is…


We seek to elevate progressive ideas; promote the creation of local political alliances and coalitions for political power; support corporate-free progressive candidates and issue-based electoral campaigns; and expand the communication and dialogue ​among​ all our progressive family in the state of California, respecting and supporting the work done by all.