Ally Organizations

Given that membership in the California Progressive Alliance (CPA) is limited to individuals, outside organizations are encouraged to be part of the CPA as Allies. An “Ally” is defined as an organization that has agreed to partner with the CPA in an effort to organize and generate support for progressive issues and legislation.

Ally organizations are encouraged to work closely with CPA Action Teams. In this regard Allies are de facto local ground teams for CPA initiatives and may be called upon to support official organizational efforts with their internal membership. Allies are encouraged to notify the Steering Committee and Action Teams of events and local or regional issues and request that the CPA endorse, publicize, or co-sponsor them. The CPA Steering Committee may also rely on Ally organizations for advice and recommendations. Allied organizations are also part of a statewide database, which will be available to CPA general membership for organizing and recruitment purposes.

If your organization would like to become an Ally, please click here to learn more and apply!

For the list of current Allies, CLICK HERE!

*Note: Any and all 501c3 organizations whose names appear on this list hereby indicate their accord with the values and general mission of the California Progressive Alliance, but, in compliance with state and federal regulations governing 501(c)(3) organizations, specifically disassociate themselves from endorsement of any specific candidate.