Today, I’m announcing “Gayle Force,” a slate of candidate endorsements that I hope helps to support and invigorate all Californians fighting to end the corporate control and domination of our democracy and all its institutions, including political parties.

The Gayle Force endorsements of candidates for offices from school board to Congress include those from different parties and many backgrounds with one unifying theme: to stand against the pernicious influence of corporate greed in our elections. It’s not enough to say that we oppose Citizens United and the Koch brothers, we must be true to our convictions by running truly corporate-free campaigns!

It is also imperative that progressives of all parties – and of no party (that fastest-growing voter demographic in California, which will soon surpass Republican registration!) – work together to grow the corporate-free political revolution. As a co-founder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, I have spent the past 15 years advocating for corporate-free candidates and public officials – and Bernie Sanders’ presidential run accelerated that movement like we never thought possible!

I will be in San Diego this weekend to join hundreds of progressive Democrats who are fighting within their party for change, and I will share the message that the corporate-free political revolution requires us to work together – progressive Democrats, Greens, Peace and Freedom, and those of us with no party affiliation – to build the future that we know in our hearts is possible. People First, Every One of Us Together!

If you will be in San Diego for the Democratic Party Convention – and for those of you who live in the area — please RSVP to join me at Union Kitchen & Tap Gaslamp for an informal discussion of this growing corporate-free movement! I would like to share more with you about these great Gayle Force candidates, in person!

As our people-powered campaign grows, we plan to lift up all Gayle Force candidates with advice and community for grassroots success. If you are affiliated with one of the campaigns and would like to join our #Gayle-Force channel in Slack, if you would like to volunteer to build this movement, or, if you are a corporate-free candidate who would like an endorsement, just reply to this email.

Thank you! And now, the list!

Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States 2020!

David Hildebrand for U.S. Senate

Ruben Major for Secretary of State

CD5 Jason Kishineff for Congress

CD12 Stephen Jaffe for Congress

CD25 Jess Phoenix for Congress

CD29 Angelica Dueñas for Congress

CD30 John Pelzer for Congress

CD34 Kenneth Mejia for Congress

CD43 Miguel Zuñiga for Congress

SD 34 Jestin Samson for State Senate

AD15 Jovanka Beckles for Assembly

AD45 Ankur Patel for Assembly

AD66 Caney Arnold for Assembly

AD63 Maria Estrada for Assembly

AD70 Rachel Bruhnke for Assembly

AD54 Steve Dunwoody for Assembly

Melvin Willis for Richmond Mayor

Ada Recinos for Richmond City Council

Eduardo Martinez for Richmond City Council

Logan Smith for Santa Clarita City Council

Tara Sreekrishnan for Cupertino City Council 
[email protected]

Omar Vasquez for San Jose City Council D7

Shay Franco-Clausen for San Jose City Council D9

Monica Montgomery for San Diego City Council D4

Corinna Contreras Vista City Council

Kenji Yamada for Concord City Council

Cesar Armendariz Long Beach School Board

Finally, your contributions make it possible for me to do this organizing work up and down the state. Please chip in today to help spread the word to California’s millions of progressive voters – each $1 allows us to call or text 60 voters.

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