Recently we have learned more of the details of the Trump/GOP tax plan.

It’s easy to pick away at the details of the plan — realtors, homebuilders, and even Marco Rubio have problems with it.

This plan is completely aligned with Trump’s indignities toward working people, immigrants, women, basically anyone who doesn’t look like his cabinet of right-wing billionaires. It also thrusts into plain view the broken corporate-first ideology that’s crept into our government. Corporations will see their taxes cut from 35% to 20%. As we know here in California, corporations rarely pay all of their taxes and abuse every loophole that exists, as we have seen with Prop. 13.

Instead of cutting taxes on the rich and corporations, I believe it is about time they start paying their fair share. So unlike the priorities in D.C., my focus in California is ending corporate loopholes, fossil fuel subsidies and ushering in a Millionaires tax. These policy shifts will give us the revenue to invest in our state’s infrastructure, education and healthcare for every Californian.

I can be a part of this fight and champion progress because I am corporate-free, so my only obligation is to the people, not corporate overlords. If we get active, building local power, we can fight these disastrous tax cuts at the local, state and national level.

Every $27 donation, every volunteer and every endorsement gives my campaign the fuel to build that infrastructure and organizing power across the state. Focused on fighting for the 99% and holding the 1% and corporate America accountable.

When we fight, we win, and the gravity of this situation demands we fight!