Housing Justice

California Progressive 3rd Annual Alliance Convention
March 6th 12:30- 2:00 pacific
Housing Justice


  1. Bobbi Lopez, Policy Director, Build Affordable Faster CA and Oakland Progressive Association
  2. Pedro Galvao, Policy Director, Non Profit Housing Association NorCal
  3. Carroll Fife, Oakland City Councilmember and former Moms 4 Housing Organizer
  4. Shanti Singh, Communications and Legislative Director, Tenants Together
  5. Jane Kim, SF Board Supervisors and Bernie 2020 CA Political Director

Description of our session

Nearly 1 in 3 Californians spend half of their income on rent. Roughly 55% of African Americans and Latinx households and 48% of API households report financial strain due to housing costs. 25% of the nation’s un-housed population reside in California– the majority are unsheltered. Decent and safe housing is not only a human right, it is essential for a functioning and moral society and supports public health and safety outcomes. Meanwhile, housing policies and industry has permitted and even prioritized unfettered profits and greed over lives leading to an unmanageable housing and homelessness crisis. This session will take a deep dive on state bills and local initiatives addressing housing and tenant protections and what we can do to organize for our communities!

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