Tonight is the deadline for Gayle’s fundraising report, and I hope that you will make a donation of any size to show the strength of this grassroots movement. Large contributions are great, but when we can say that thousands of people have invested their hard-earned dollars in this campaign, that is the victory that we are looking for. Twenty-seven dollars, one dollar, these are appreciated and meaningful.

Your contribution of $1 or more before midnight says that we are done with corporations buying our politicians and co-opting our government!

As some of you know, I have been working alongside Gayle for 15 years, and together we helped found the Richmond Progressive Alliance. Gayle is the real deal, and in her 12.5-years as an elected official, she never let us down. I cannot state too strongly the importance of putting a leader like Gayle into the California statehouse. We will have a people’s champion who will fearlessly take on the corporate greed that is choking our communities!

When we began this campaign early this year, our goal was to organize with progressive revolutionaries throughout the state. Already, Gayle has won the endorsement of 30 Our Revolution chapters, and several new progressive alliances have formed in response to the message that Gayle shares everywhere she goes. We know that our successes in taking Richmond back from Chevron, in fighting Wall Street, in passing rent control, in passing a $15 minimum wage, and in reducing crime can all be repeated in community after community. We simply need people power and corporate-free campaigns!

Tomorrow it is 2018. We are in the middle of a large signature gathering effort, and will be rolling out new initiatives regularly. We will need your help at every step. Through the busyness of this campaign, Gayle for California will not lose sight of our mission: to provide organizing support to hundreds of communities throughout the state, and to share the RPA model. When we fight, we win.

Please join us with a contribution of $1 or more by tonight’s midnight deadline.

Thank you,

Juan Reardon

Campaign Manager