This month’s elections were good news – we saw a power shift back towards the people as Republicans lost seats in Virginia and a diverse group of candidates won across the country under the Our Revolution and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) banners.

We saw grassroots candidates defeating big-spending opponents, and big breakthroughs, like Danica Roem, an open transgender woman, defeating extremist Republican Bob Marshall, sponsor of Virginia’s anti-trans “bathroom bill.” Ravi Bhalla will become America’s first Sikh mayor after winning his race in Hoboken, New Jersey. Also in Virginia, young Marine Corps veteran Lee Carter – an active DSA member – defeated the Republican majority whip, with little support from the Democratic Party!

I am excited about these wins, and they give me hope for a clear future for progressives: It is time for the left to repudiate corporate funding of our elections.

Corporate-free elections is the distinction between lip-service to progressive values and trans-formative change in our political system. In California, I am organizing up and down the state to reach the thousand of activists who will help us reach the voters we need to win the Lt. Governor race. Our costs are low, but real. My goal is to raise $25,000 by December 31 to fuel this statewide travel and our signature-gathering campaign, which will kick off very soon.

Your support will keep the focus on free college, single-payer health care, and an end to harmful practices of corporations like Chevron and PG&E. Click here to give – and please dig deep to help me meet our goal! (If you would like to host a winter fundraiser, please email [email protected].)

If Philadelphia can elect a civil rights attorney as DA, if a public banking advocate can win in NJ, if Maine voters can reject their obstructionist governor to expand Medicaid, we can push even further by electing a corporate-free Lt. Governor of California!

As you can see from Lee’s video above, political independence means we can say a resounding “NO!” to corporate influence on our politics. Together, we can do this!

Click here to donate, and please sign up to volunteer for our California signature drive.