Last month we launched Gayle Force, an alliance of dozens of progressive Californians running bold, corporate-free campaigns up and down the ballot in 2018. I’m thrilled to stand with these inspiring people as we fight to free money from politics and reclaim true democratic power for the 99%.

The seven people I want to introduce you to today are all running for U.S. Congress, and come from many different backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common: They’re committed to defeating corporate influence at the ballot box and setting us on a truly progressive path to the future.

It takes people from all parties to grow the political revolution that Bernie Sanders sparked in his historic run for the 2016 presidential nomination. Whether you’re a Democrat, Green, Independent, Peace and Freedom, Libertarian, Republican or other party affiliation, the Gayle Force message is this:

We can only win the world we want by demanding change, building a movement, and electing the people who can deliver. Stand with me in supporting these candidates and helping spread their message – OUR message – through your communities.

5th District – Jason Kishineff

Jason Kishineff was part of the activist movement opposing the Vallejo Marine Terminal and Orcem cement plant due to the health and environmental risks they posed to his region. Running in California’s 5th district to represent Napa County and parts of the greater North Bay, Jason vows to “continue the political revolution” started by Bernie Sanders and make the 5th “one of the most progressive voting districts in the state, and do it without corporate money.” Prison reform, universal healthcare, free higher education and a liveable minimum wage are among his top issues. You can learn more and donate to his campaign at

12th District – Stephen Jaffe

Attorney Stephen Jaffe has worked for decades fighting for employees’ rights, and has led more than 50 jury trials. Now he is challenging House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for CA’s 12th district in San Francisco. Protecting immigrants, passing single payer healthcare, expanding affordable housing and ending all dirty energy subsidies are top campaign pledges. “I’m running in CA-12 because it’s time for the 99% to be truly heard,” says Stephen. Learn more and donate

25th District – Jess Phoenix

Geologist Jess Phoenix is founder of the educational nonprofit Blueprint Earth, which brings minority college students to the Mojave Desert to study desert ecosystems. Jess is running in CA’s 25th district of northern L.A. and Ventura counties because, she says, “education, scientific research, disaster preparedness, critical parts of our communities like roads and bridges, national parks, and wildlife are all under assault.” Tackling climate change head on, passing common-sense gun reform, establishing Medicare for All and investing in jobs of the future are among Jess’s priorities. Learn more and donate at

29th District – Angelica Dueñas

A daughter of Mexican immigrants and a mother of five, Angelica Dueñas has been active with the Los Angeles Tenants Union, the campaign to recall CA Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and the Democracy Project Los Angeles. Angelica is running on the Green Party ticket to represent the 29th district in southern California. A former delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Angelica supports Medicare for All, a humane path to citizenship for immigrants, a “Green New Deal” jobs program and ending Citizens United, among other goals. Learn more and donate at

30th District – Jon Pelzer

Jon Pelzer is a small business owner and long-time Democratic activist who grew thoroughly disillusioned with the party because “business as usual has failed”. John is running in the 30th district with L.A. and Ventura counties, and counts among his progressive priorities establishing a living wage, affordable housing, single-payer healthcare and free college tuition. “To accept the status quo is to accept a future that will be morally and financially bankrupt. I am running for Congress to free our voice from decades of special interest control,” says John. Learn more and donate at

34th District – Kenneth Mejia

A 27-year-old first generation Filipino-American, Kenneth Mejia is an accountant by day and an activist in his free time, working with the L.A. Tenants Union, the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, and as a founder of “We Can Make a Difference” providing volunteer services for homeless and low-income people in the community. Kenneth, who is running as a Green in the 34th district of L.A. County, says of his campaign: “We believe that healthcare, education, and housing are human rights. We believe in criminal justice reform, a welcoming pathway to citizenship, and grassroots democracy in our political process. We believe in protecting our environment over profit and that we should transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.” Learn more and donate at

43rd District – Miguel Zuñiga

Miguel Zuñiga is a father of two and a 22-year-long Costco employee who served as a Bernie Sanders delegate at the 2016 DNC. Miguel is running as a Green in the 43rd district seat of south L.A. County “for the simple reason that neither party is presenting the middle class and the poor. We’re the only campaign talking about homeless prevention. We’re taking a stand against gentrification. We need to shift the ratio of renters to homeowners.” Learn more and donate at

These are all outstanding candidates running gutsy, grassroots campaigns to bring progressive California leadership to Washington. Gayle Force is just getting started. It’s up to all of us to help put wind in their sails and make sure that not only a huge slate of progressives run in 2018 – but that they win!

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