“Free trade” agreements like NAFTA have been a disaster for America’s working and middle class families by destroying unions and causing massive offshoring of good American jobs.These agreements are solely a result of corporate-cash buying off our representatives. We can not afford any more corporate giveaways like this, and today we have a chance to fight them.

NAFTA is up for renegotiation and Senator Sanders, along with workers and union leaders, are at the capitol today demanding Trump end this deal that has been a giveaway to big corporations at the expense of American jobs. Instead, we demand that NAFTA be replaced with a real New Deal that will create jobs here and rebuild so many communities that have been destroyed by corporations’ ideas of “free trade.”

You can join Sen. Sanders and other leaders in this day of action by calling your representatives and making it clear that we want people and the environment prioritized over corporate profits. We must stand strong with our brothers and sisters in labor. No more lip service, we need real action!


As the daughter of a unionized carpenter, I understand the importance of strong unions. Now more than ever, we need strong unions to reduce inequality and protect workers. I have been and will continue to lead the charge to protect our workers, and your support makes my chances of bringing the fight to Sacramento all the more successful.

The two main parties sold workers out when they turned to big corporations to fund their operations – winning this fight will take the strong efforts of corporate-free progressives. Your donation of $27 dollars today is not just to support me, but to support building a movement that is pro-labor and pro-human.

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Together we can bring back a society where people can earn a living wage and work with dignity and security. Thank you for your action, and for your support!