Nothing is more consequential than our fight against climate change. And few people are as consequential in leading that effort than Bill McKibben. Bill is, quite literally, the face of the modern U.S. climate movement.

That is why I am so honored, and proud, to announce that Bill has endorsed my campaign for California Lt. Governor. With Bill’s support, we’ll bring the most progressive and transformative climate leadership to Sacramento in November!

If you haven’t heard,, the organization Bill founded more than a decade ago, is focusing this election cycle on three priorities to make us Fossil Free: 1) end all fossil fuel subsidies, 2) halt all new fossil fuel projects, and 3) enact a swift and just transition to 100% renewable power.

I couldn’t agree more. As the two-term Mayor of Richmond, Calif., I fought one of the world’s biggest polluters, Chevron, and won. At the same time, I created a nationally recognized green jobs training program in 2010 that installed more solar per capita than anywhere in the Bay Area.

Our city’s Climate Action Plan and aggressive green building ordinance further cut emissions, and I pushed Richmond to join the community choice utility Marin Clean Energy that now provides 85% of our residents and businesses with greener electricity at lower cost. Also under my administration, Richmond became one of the first U.S. cities to include an Energy and Climate Change Element in its General Plan.

We are winning this fight on a local level – and now I’m going to take that climate leadership to statewide office so we can do even more. I am calling for a permanent ban on fracking and offshore drilling in California. I am also calling for a 9.5% tax on all oil and gas extraction in our state to discourage fossil fuel use even further.  

I recognize, just as Bill McKibben does, that our climate movement is growing stronger every day. Now, it is a matter of mobilizing voters to turn out and elect true progressives to office who will fight to save our planet and our future. I feel emboldened standing next to and supported by a climate warrior like Bill.

There’s no saying it any other way: It’s time to go head to head with the corporations that are killing our climate and threatening the safety of our grandchildren. I hope you’ll stand with me, and vote for me, as we bring real climate leadership to Sacramento.