By Steve Ducey /

There are 11 candidates for California Lt. Governor on the ballot for the June 5th primary. Gayle McLaughlin is not only the clear choice for progressive voters, she’s the only candidate with the track record of success that makes her worthy of the office.

Lt. Governor is not the most glamorous title, and thus the race has not gotten much attention. Most voters are focused on the high profile governor’s race. But that’s exactly why this race matters. Front runner Gavin Newsom happens to be our sitting Lt. Governor, a position that has more importance than you might think.

Per Wikipedia:

“The Lieutenant Governor sits on the Board of Regents of the University of CaliforniaCalifornia State University Board of Trustees, Ocean Protection Council, California Emergency Council, and State Lands Commission. The Lieutenant Governor of California chairs the Commission for Economic Development which is responsible for fostering economic growth in California by developing and implementing strategies for attracting new business to the state, increasing state exports, creating new jobs, and stimulating industries statewide.”

Getting a real deal progressive with a history of incredible accomplishments into the general election would be a huge boost to the insurgent left in California Politics. In a state that often isn’t as woke as you think, Gayle’s platform is exactly the kind of bold thinking we need right now: single payer healthcare, a state public bank, reform of Prop 13, repeal of Costa-Hawkins, free college tuition and a millionaires tax. That’s why she has been endorsed by Our RevolutionDemocratic Socialists of America, and the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

Gayle is also committed to running a totally grassroots campaign 100% free of corporate money, which is just about the only way to guarantee politicians will be held accountable in our current campaign finance climate. And unlike some politicians, she’s not trying to climb the ladder for her own personal benefit. Gayle’s committed to building lasting coalitions that empower people to take back their communities, the way she and the Richmond Progressive Alliance took back their city from Chevron, despite the oil giant outspending her 20–1.

When it comes to the Lt.Governor’s race, the choice for progressives couldn’t be more obvious. Vote for Gayle McLaughlin on June 5th.

This article was originally published 5/17/2018 on Knock L.A.