Today across the state families and friends will gather to give thanks. This is a special time of togetherness and gratitude. Personally, I am extremely grateful for all of you who are supporting this political revolution we are building together. I am thankful for this campaign and shared organizing effort that is bringing us together around progressive values. Even in these dark times for our country, we can experience the joy of solidarity!

Here in Richmond, I’m thankful for the victories the Richmond Progressive Alliance model is winning for the people. We won rent control! We won the $15 minimum wage with CPI adjustments for long-term benefits!

As progressives, we are in the midst of a generational surge in our community – Bernie woke us up, invigorated us! These past few months of my campaign have seen seven new Progressive Alliances adopt the RPA model. Record numbers of corporate-free candidates are running for office – many winning under the banner of the Our Revolution and the DSA. There is a lot to be grateful for!

I also realize that the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States is rooted in our colonial history – and that our nation continues to discriminate against our indigenous neighbors. It was a year ago that North Dakota law enforcement and allied agencies and mercenaries violently attacked Dakota Access Pipeline water protectors (a new Unicorn Riot documentary about #NoDAPL, “Black Snake Killaz” is now available free online). Polluters disregard the impact of their toxins on communities everywhere, and the fact that indigenous water rights are constantly threatened is an especially egregious example of this disregard.

Here in Richmond, as mayor, I worked with native tribes to support the Richmond Native American Pow Wow, a free family-oriented annual cultural gathering open to all people. November is Native American Heritage month, and if you are in the Bay Area, please join in this 8th annual celebration (10:00 am-6:00 pm at 2200 Macdonald Avenue).

Richmond is also one of the first cities to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe that people power can change communities, and change cities! We can overcome our past with a People’s Future.

Will you do me a favor? Will you visit my Facebook page and share the progressive victories and solidarity that you are grateful for?