On Tuesday evening, police told residents of El Segundo, California, to shelter in place. They were the latest victims of a toxic Chevron refinery bursting into flames (KTLA photo).

In 2012, here in my home city of Richmond, 15,000 residents sought medical care because of  a Chevron refinery blaze. Like El Segundo, we are victims of a century-old refinery that pollutes even on the best days. Chevron paid the state $1 million in fines for the Richmond blaze — barely a drop in the bucket for a corporation that spends many millions on political donations and lobbying activities each year.

We have to get California away from dirty energy! We have to stop this predatory corporation that stands in our way!

Chevron is a bully, but I know how to fight back. In Richmond:

  • We sued Chevron for “willful and conscious disregard of public safety” in the 2012 Richmond fire. Chevron had “fixed” more than 2000 leaks in the refinery tubing with temporary clamps! One caused the fire.
  • We defended our democracy by supporting corporate-free progressive candidates back in 2014 and we defeated more than $3 million in Chevron spending for pro-oil candidates.
  • Today 5 out of 7 Richmond City Councilmembers are corporate-free progressiveskeeping their eyes on the refinery bully.
  • We are telling every city and community around the state that folks need to organize like the Richmond Progressive Alliance did. Each community must take on the “Chevrons” of their city. It may not be a burning oil refinery like in Richmond or El Segundo, but the polluters and abusers are there in many different forms.
  • We organize and mobilize locally! We create progressive, corporate-free, inclusive, diverse and year-round organizations that fight for the local hot issues and elect corporate-free candidates to local office.

(Richmond CA protesting Chevron’s 2012 fire.  Photo: J. Reardon)

El Segundo residents deserve clean air and safety in their community. Whether it’s Chevron or any other big corporation that exists to service its bottom line, we aren’t safe until we organize to say “People First! Environment First!” It’s on us to organize to fight back, all across the state!

I will be in Southern California this week sharing the story of how we organized and fought back in Richmond. If you need information on how to get involved with this latest tour, just reply to this email.

Every time my organizing campaign for Lt. Governor tours the state, it costs about $3,000. Your support means I can continue to meet activists and voters across the state with at least one tour a month.

Will you chip in $27 or more today to say NO to Chevron’s dirty refineries and dirty money? To say YES to single-payer health care and an economy that puts people first?

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In solidarity,

– Gayle

P.S. Do you know how much money Chevron gives to establishment candidates in California? Learn from Richmond Confidential.