The central political question of the 2016 presidential race was inequality – of all kinds.

But instead of the progressive populist working alongside us to create a utopia, we got a greed-mad demagogue who uses hate to whip up votes.

Did you know that in February 2017, Richmond became the first city in the nation to call on Congress to initiate Trump impeachment hearings? Gayle authored that resolution.

Take a minute to leave this post and open a new tab or window. In the search bar, write Gayle McLaughlin and add – in two or three words – one of the progressive issues most important to you. Odds on you’ll find that not only does Gayle have a perfect platform, she’s got the history of working on those issues!

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Today, it’s not Bernie-Hillary-Trump. It’s one proven progressive in a primary field of 11. And in this Lieutenant Governor race, Gayle has united the progressive movement – she’s endorsed by 35 regional chapters of the Bernie-inspired Our Revolution and the national Our Revolution; the California Green Party and 11 of it’s chapters; the Democratic Socialists of America and 11 of its California chapters; the Peace & Freedom Party; Movement for a People’s Party; Socialist Alternative; and many, many more progressive organizations. Gayle co-founded the Richmond Progressive Alliance, and as our Lt. Governor she will continue to organize throughout the state to ensure that every one of our communities have a voice in Sacramento.

Read Gayle’s corporate-free challenge to the big spending in this race – from the SF Chronicle.

Gayle needs your help to counter the two candidates who are trying to buy this election.

Will Eleni Kounalakis’ $10 million – most of it from self-funding and a $5 million super PAC funded by her father (Kounalakis runs the land development corporation founded by father Angelo Tsakopoulos – both are top Democratic donors) give her the job?

Will Cole Harris, a Republican hedge fund manager spending $250,000 or more on media each week – who says he also could spend $10 million on the race – come in second?

Orwill we rise up and put Gayle first, because she puts us first?

If you want to help Gayle win on June 5, here are three things you can do:

1) Click to donate $27, $99, $270 or more TODAY so we can increase our media spend to keep up with Kounalakis and Harris.

2) Click to canvass scores of friends who can vote for Gayle in just minutes using VoterCircle.

3) Email Volunteer Coordinator Jon Gilgoff at [email protected] for packs of cards and window signs to distribute in your community (if you’d like a single item or t-shirts, please use Gayle’s online store).

Thank you,

Adriel Hampton
Gayle for California